Woman Filmed At A Car Wash Cleaning Outside And INSIDE

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Wonder how to ruin your vehicle intentionally by car washing? Well, this is one ...

Wonder how to ruin your vehicle intentionally by car washing? Well, this is one way. This peculiar lady demonstrates how we can ruin the car by car washing at first hand.

But is she doing this intentionally or not, we may never know. And she may be doing this on purpose and we may all be wrong for laughing. Because you need to be out of your mind in epic proportions to do such thing. And who knows, maybe she really got something huge going on inside her head.

Well, you know, we all have our own problems, right? On purpose or not let`s get to the facts why this vehicle washing move is just not plausible. She gets the dirt out of the carpet using soap. And then, she gets that soup out with water.

But the thing we wonder is how in the world is she going to get a nasty, soapy water out of that car? Maybe take the trip to the hardware store, buy a power drill and drill the number of holes through the bottom?

Because that nasty, soapy water will soak in that interior, it got nowhere to go. We just can`t stop but wonder where she is getting at with this crazy car washing move.

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