Woman’s Sarcastic, Naughty Guide To Changing A Tire Is A Wheel Hit

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ky fellow male gearheads out there! Here’s the lesson in life that we all must ...

ky fellow male gearheads out there! Here’s the lesson in life that we all must learn and remember for as long as we live. Well, the rule is that what guys can do, females can perform as well, and even better!

To prove our point, we found this video made by YouTube user Something Fishy. In it our hostess shares her own tutorial and guides us through the process of changing the tire without the help of any guys at all. And according to Something Fishy, she figured out that she really should make such the guide after she had a tire explode driving on the way to Dallas, Texas.

We would title our lesson for today: changing the tire from a woman’s point of view. Pretty neat, right? She did receive help from two guys who noticed her problem on the road.

That was all fine, they changed the tire and everyone went along with their business. But, the question arises, what would have happen if there was no one to her that time?

Something Fishy decided to take things into her hands and never let something like that to happen again. It’s very generous of her that with the video below she is of a great help to all her fellow females who from now on can learn how to change a flat tire on their vehicle all by themselves! With her helpful guide, and she makes the whole process so easy to learn!

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