You Won’t Believe How Fast This 1,400 Turbo Jeep Really Is!

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It’s not unusual to see a vehicle with 1,400 horsepower on a dragstrip ...

It’s not unusual to see a vehicle with 1,400 horsepower on a dragstrip nowadays, but they aren’t usually packed inside the Jeep body. To be honest, this stupendous little off-roader is becoming increasingly popular on the circuits, and for a good reason.

Once the body is gutted out of any unnecessary weight, it becomes a decent platform for creating wicked racers. This one is powered by a small block which is helped by a 88mm turbo. Although this setup might not sound like much, the horsepower total of 1,400 is something else!

In didn’t take long before the competition at Orlando Speedway realized what they were up against. The Jeepenstien, as this vehicle is popularly called, was able to hammer out some truly decent times. It just so happened that personal record was broken on this day, and perhaps even the Jeep world record!

Right now, this Jeep is running high 7 seconds, but the owner hopes to push the limit even further. Cannot wait to see what he has in store for the future! What an epic racer!

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