You Won’t Believe How Much Safer New Cars Are After Watching This Video

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We all know that car safety has been improved by a lot in the last twenty years. ...

We all know that car safety has been improved by a lot in the last twenty years. However, after watching this video of a 1998 Toyota Corolla hit a 2015 Toyota Corolla, you will ask yourself, how did we (or our parents) even survive!?

Australia’s car safety commission crashed these two into one another to find out how much did car safety actually improve. You will be surprised. Now, 1998 was not that long ago and the cars produced then were designed with safety in mind. However, cars of today seem to be far safer in any way you cut it.

Just to put it all in the perspective you should read what officials reported about the new car.

“The older car sustained catastrophic structural failure with dummy readings showing an extremely high risk of serious head, chest and leg injury to the driver,” ANCAP Chief Executive Officer James Goodwin explained on the organization’s website. “It achieved a score of just 0.40 out of 16 points–zero stars.”

The 2015 model scored 12.93 out of 16 points, for a five-star rating.

Ok, we do know some of you love old cars and enjoy driving them, working on them and everything. However, after watching this video you may ask yourself, is it really necessary to risk life driving old cars!?

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