You Won’t Tell Mommy? A Dad, His Daughter And A 1,000HP GT-R

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We see many videos of the people’s reactions while driving in monster super cars ...

We see many videos of the people’s reactions while driving in monster super cars with 1000+ horsepower, beautiful girls, old granddads and grandmas but in the video below a father decides to drive his little daughter in his 1000 horsepower GTR.

Right from the start I suggest and insist you watch the video below because believe me it is better than any other video of this kind that you have ever watched.

And the reaction that the little girl makes is priceless, it’ll make your day and it’ll be the cutest thing that you’ll see maybe for a week.

So the father decided to take his daughter for the spin around the block in his GTR, filming her reaction and while he goes with fast speed.

At the start he drives slowly, after few minutes in the drive he asks her if she is ready for the high speed.

When she says yes he press a gas pedal and BOOM the vehicle accelerates very fast as expected.

The reaction that the little girl makes while going with the high speed is the cutest reaction that you’ll see, she is adorable.

He does that few time, then the most important question was asked, he asked her if she’ll tell her mom about this and of course she told him no and the father told us, She told mummy, as soon as we walked inside the house!.

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