World Record 1500+HP Gen V Viper By Nth Moto 8.4 At 171MPH

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The Dodge Viper might be one of a most American beasts out there, and when it ...

The Dodge Viper might be one of a most American beasts out there, and when it comes to flying low on the drag strip, it’s certainly not the easiest way to start the monster project.

Well, Vipers such as the one we are here to show you can be credited for working to change that status. As such, we want to give you the Gen V that recently managed to kill two world records with one stone.

This snake is now the world’s quickest and fastest Gen V Viper, having pulled the 8.4-second run at 171 mph. We will pause the story for the moment to go over the quickest-vs-fastest topic, which split the internet earlier this year when the Tesla announced its world record Model S P100D, and with many news outlets confusing the two.

So, once again, while acceleration times earn quick accolades, terminal velocity values should be rewarded with the fast titles.

Returning to this Dodge, which, given its 8.4-liter V10 heart, and seems to enjoy matching numbers, the supercar has obviously given up its atmospheric horsepower approach, going for the twin-turbo setup instead.

As the result, the V10 heart of the reptile now churns out 1,500 horsepower. The list of mods featured on the vehicle also includes the M1 ECU package, 18-inch wheels shod in drag radials, as well as the E85 fuel system.

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