The World’s Fastest Rat Rod Will Blow You Away With Its Awesomeness!

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When it comes to rat rods, there are two groups of people, the ones that ...

When it comes to rat rods, there are two groups of people, the ones that absolutely love them, and those that never got a chance to see one. All jokes aside, there is no denying the fact that these monsters are completely badass.

The one you’re about to check out is owned by Robert Killian, who built is from scratch, and we must say that he did a phenomenal job with it. Still, great looks aren’t the only thing that’s impressive about it. Killian decided to keep it street legal while still putting insane amounts of power under the hood. This gorgeous 1928 model rat rod called ‘Uncle Jared’ is powered by all-aluminum 820ci Ford hemi manufactured by Jon Kaase Racing Engines. Just how powerful it is? Does 2000 horsepower sound like plenty?

In fact, some claim that this 1928 rat rod is the fastest car of its kind in the world! Are you impressed yet? Wait till you see it on the dragstrip, it will blow your socks off. Just click on the video below to see this wicked ride in action.

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