World’s FASTEST Street Legal Truck Kills The Competition With Ease!

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Larry Larson is one of the most famous drag racing enthusiasts on the planet. This ...

Larry Larson is one of the most famous drag racing enthusiasts on the planet. This gentlemen is bad news for other racers, as they basically stand no chance when Larry shows up in one of his berserk rides. Still, the one you’re about to see is extremely special.

While some mean-spirited people would call this truck a Pro Mod, fact of the matter is that it has a license plate, and therefore, it’s street legal! However, it’s a racer built to the ultimate extreme, which is bound to absolutely blow your mind!

In fact, the epic twin turbo Chevy truck you’re about to check out just became the world’s fastest street legal vehicle! What was Larson’s reaction? As you might have imagined, he remained cool as a cucumber.

However, there’s nothing calm about this ranging monster, as it absolutely killed any opponent that stood in its path on this day. You were asking whether the FuelTech FT600 setup will actually work properly? Well, there’s your answer. To check out this insane automobile in action, click on the video below and prepare to be blown away!

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