The ‘World’s Slowest Drifting’ Actually Looks Pretty Damn Fun To Us

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Even since the dawn of drifting, the amateur sliders have been looking for ways in ...

Even since the dawn of drifting, the amateur sliders have been looking for ways in which they could lose control without losing it all, and practice methods that would limit the risk.

Today we are here to show you how certain Japanese drift teams go at it during a cold frozen season.

Let’s take Team Orange, for instance. These guys and gals head out to the Yachiho Lake in Nagano’s national park, and using the frozen surface of the lake much like rally drivers from Northern countries do.

However, since this is the national park, they can’t follow the Scandinavian way and use studded rubber. When their studless tires meet the kind of ice and that will easily make you fall while attempting to walk over it, hilarity ensues.

These drifters pull extreme slip angles at the walking pace. No really, they do. Using these tires means a shenanigan makes for brilliant practice, as your mistakes are easily punished.

However, given amusing velocity, severe errors only lead to the intimate contact with the snow. These drifters have no problem with their cars getting the small dose of frozen water.

After all, this form of practice doesn’t require too much oomph, and which is why the powersliders turn to the cheaper naturally aspirated vehicles for the sessions.

Frankly, there is no drawback to this kind of sliding habit. While it might seem easy at first, if you pay close attention to this video, you will notice the drivers are using the kind of techniques required by top tier racing.

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