World’s Smallest Scooter! Fastest Case Of Beer!

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I have to admit it, it was hard to contain the laughter when I saw the video ...

I have to admit it, it was hard to contain the laughter when I saw the video below. That is because I like beer and because I also like crazy vehicles. The funniest thought, however, was that of trying to have this contraption homologated for the road use.

The first thing that came to mind was the entire Polaris Slingshot homologation story, and with several states in the US refusing to deem it street-legal because the law did not have a proper category to fit it in. So with strong lobby and some pressure from customers, and changes to the law have been proposed, with the introduction of the new vehicle class, the autocycle.

The footage appears to have been recorded in Belo Horizonte, the biggest city in the Brazilian county Minas Gerais. Well, I don’t know the local law, but for some reason my money goes on this Skol-mobile not being exactly legal.

It is down to guesstimating the displacement of the engine inside this Skol crate, but I would say it is below 50cc. Still, thinking about characteristics of 2-stroke engines and judging how powerful and fast certain 49cc 2-stroke scooters can be, the smaller power plant could do well, too.

Now, the quality of this video is poor, but I tend to believe one of the vehicle passengers who says this thing should be referred to as the car instead of the motorcycle, as it has four wheels.

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