The Worst Transmission Ever Created Finally Listed

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

No, not everyone has built a nice and cool transmission. Vehicle Virgins made a video compiling the list of the worst transmissions ever built. Sure, not everyone will like the video, but it seems there is some sense in what our favorite Parker is telling us.

He listed the transmissions which really had some serious problems. Even one of them got recalled by the NHTSA.

Apart from the Mustang transmission, Parker notes that the transmission in the original Lamborghini Gallardo suffered some major issues too. Not only was it jerky around town, but the thing couldn’t handle all the stress put up by a massive 5.2 liter V10.

As he had that car and had the same issues with it as reported, we are quite sure it is true.

Epic transmission failure definitely included the FCA shifter lever design for the ZF eight-speed transmission. It was so bad that people did not know if they selected Drive, Neutral or Reverse. As it was reported, the shift lever was responsible for the death of the famous Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin who tragically died after his Jeep crushed him against the fence at his home.

He accidentally put a car in Neutral and the Jeep just rolled forward.
Learn about other jerky transmissions and other amazing problems some of them had. It will make you think twice before buying a car with it.