WOW!!! 3x Seat Leon Cupra – Fun On Crowded Nurburgring

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

This YouTube channel is known mainly for publishing Megane RS Nurburgring tourist ...

This YouTube channel is known mainly for publishing Megane RS Nurburgring tourist videos. But due to unforeseen circumstances, they have got a bunch of SEAT Leon Cupras now. It’s Monday, and we thought there’s no need to take things quite so seriously yet. Well, three buddies racing their hot hatchbacks is just the kind of relaxation we need. You are not going to see a perfect racing lines here. Nor are you going to witness blistering Bridge to Gantry laps, since traffic is heavy. And however, these Megane drivers are fully committed to not seeing anybody’s taillights for too long. And they overtake BMWs, Volkswagens, Renaults and the couple of Porsches. But the reality is none of the cars we see is the match for a Leon Cupra anyway. As you can see from the screenshot at the banked carousel, these guys aren’t taking things seriously. And one of them even has the window down, which can’t be pleasant at track speeds. We can’t be sure which versions are in the video below, but the dark silver one is an SC with a roll cage, while the camera car definitely has DSG.

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