WOW!!! 750HP Audi RS6 Avant AUTOBAHN POV PP Performance

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One would have to be very brave and to say that a current Audi RS6 Avant is ...

One would have to be very brave and to say that a current Audi RS6 Avant is underpowered. In fact, with 597 horsepower on tap in Performance guise, the Audi RS6 Avant can give the almighty Nissan GT-R the run for its money off the line.

Despite this, the aftermarket world is rife with performance upgrades for the Audi RS6 Avant, one of which comes from PP-Performance that lifts power to the brutal 750 horsepower. This creates the estate capable of truly phenomenal things.

Off the line, the vehicle accelerates how we would imagine the space shuttle going into orbit and despite having one of a most capable all-wheel drive systems on the market, a sheer power of the vehicle is enough to get the wheels spinning, forcing this driver to momentarily lift off the throttle.

From there, the vehicle continues to accelerate to over 250 km/h with ease, all while emitting the very satisfying V8 bark and exhaust rumble. Do family cars get any better?

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