Wow! This Killer 1967 C10 Truck Has Elements Of A Camaro ZL1

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How can you not be impressed when you get the performance of a Camaro ZL1 in one ...

How can you not be impressed when you get the performance of a Camaro ZL1 in one of the best classic trucks from Chevy? This build featured below is a beautiful hybrid and it’s probably the nicest C10 truck you’re about to witness.

This truck is all about the details and lines that reflect nothing but supreme quality. First off is the hood which has a center section out of a 2014 Camaro ZL1. Its front features custom headlight doors and a stock grill. The bumper is custom-made which started from the stock bumpers being narrowed. The back also has that ZL1 inspiration to match the front. A cool diffuser is placed and it’s rocking it like a boss.

The inside of this truck is as spot-on as the outside. It’s in red with some desert khaki going on in the dashboard and center console. Nice door panels too with a design made to match that of the wheels.

And it would be quite shameful if this truck wears everything from a ZL1 but the performance. Fortunately the builders did not forget that in their checklist and actually fitted a Camaro ZL1 engine under the hood.

See everything about it for yourself with the video shared below.

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