WOW!!! Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC Commercial – “Snow Date”

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There aren’t that many ways you can make the people understand the benefits ...

There aren’t that many ways you can make the people understand the benefits of the four-wheel-drive system, that can be problematic for the advertising agencies, especially now that winter is coming.

Well, everybody knows the advantages of having power sent to all four wheels as opposed to only the pair of them, so talking about better grip can become the little redundant.

We’re sick of seeing a vehicle driving aggressively in the dirt, crawling through the difficult off-road section or drifting in the snow, followed by the voiceover telling us only that manufacturer’s four-wheel-drive system can let you do that.

So what can the creative from an ad agency do when the client comes asking for a spot showcasing the vehicle’s ability to defy snow? Go for the emotional approach, of course. And you can never go wrong with that, especially during the festive winter season, when we all tend to be the little extra melancholic.

Mercedes-Benz makes itself guilty of such the attempt with this latest spot for its 4MATIC system. Called Snow Date, the story revolves around the teen boy and fierce blizzard. Oh, and the Mercedes-Benz car, of course.

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