WOW!!! Two Crazy Bikers Almost Smash Into Chevrolet

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We are back with another interesting video that shows you why it’s not the good ...

We are back with another interesting video that shows you why it’s not the good idea to ride at your limit on the public streets.

Each corner may hide the nasty surprise, you should always be ready to stop or perform evasive maneuvers.

If you are going to ride up in the twisties to shave your chicken strips, well, you might as well write your will if you are not a really experienced biker.

Even so, it is better to save this kind of activity for track days because sooner or later something incredibly unfortunate might happen and you will end up regretting.

And such the unfortunate event could take the shape of the very stupid driver who decides to make the three-point turn in the middle of the two-lane road right before the large bend.

Little did he knew that two riders were approaching quite fast from the opposite way just before starting a dumb maneuver.

As imagined, the two bikers were taken by surprise exiting a corner and seeingthe white Chevrolet occupying both lanes.

Thankfully, the two managed to avoid the disaster, with this first guy (the one filming) managing to squeeze past through the left side of the vehicle, while the other stopped inches away performing the perfect stoppie.

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