Wow! Vehicle Full Of Cargo And Passenger Crosses A Fast-Flowing River!

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Want to see some deep river crossing from a vehicle without even a snorkel? ...

Want to see some deep river crossing from a vehicle without even a snorkel? Here’s a great one, and it features a cargo and passenger vehicle called Jeepney crossing not just any river but a fast-flowing one.

You’ll sure utter a “Wow” in this amazing river crossing simply because of two reasons.

First, the Jeepney crosses not just any river but a wide and fast-flowing one. With it having no snorkel, the Jeepney has to endure quite a prolonged powering to make it through the river without drowning the engine. Reliable and high-endurance ride indeed!

And the second reason? The Jeepney carries not only a driver and a passenger but several cargos and passengers. Crazy, right? The cargos occupy most of the Jeepney with it filling the whole inside of the vehicle and most of the top. A few passengers then lodged their selves on the top ensuring no cargo slips out of place. Well, that’s how you make the most out of one crossing – bring in a lot of cargos and passengers.

Curious to see how everything went? Check it out for yourself through the footage given below.

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