WTF! This ’67 Ford Falcon Has A Mean Setup That’ll Blow You Away!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Do you think Chevy engines are the only ones able to rip skids in the drag strip? ...

Do you think Chevy engines are the only ones able to rip skids in the drag strip? Well, here’s a crazy ’67 Ford Falcon with an even crazier turbo and Ford engine setup that’ll silence any Ford hater.

If the satin black appearance of this ride appeals already so mean to you, then you’ll sure drop your jaw once you see what’s hidden up front. Popping the hood isn’t just enough to view what insanity is going on inside. Taking all the panels in the front is what needs to be done, and boy you’re bound to see something really mind-blowing. It features a 449ci Small Block Ford with a pair of 88mm Turbos both of which almost occupying half of the car. How crazy is that?

A Ford in a Ford is something you rarely see in a drag strip and no, this isn’t something that’ll disappoint. Well, with 2600 HP running 4.7 seconds in a 1/8 mile run, how can it be a let down?

This ride is called the Dirty Bird and you can watch it tear down the track at the North Star Dragaway x275 race through the video below.

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