XP1K4: RJ Anderson Shows Off What A UTV Can Really Do

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No matter how you get your kicks, whether that is at the drag strip, on the road ...

No matter how you get your kicks, whether that is at the drag strip, on the road course, or by taking the unbeaten path, there’s the toy for everyone. Take this Polaris RZR XP1K4 for example.

This little bugger means business. Boasting the 999cc DOHC, twin-cylinder turbocharged engine, it cranks out 110 hp.

We would say that’s plenty of power, considering it weighs in at just 1,565 pounds minus the driver. What better driver than RJ Anderson to showcase what the UTV is capable of?

Taking the page from BJ Baldwin, his ballistic trophy truck stunts, RJ Anderson gets down and dirty with the XP1K4 in plenty of jumps, slides, and drifts through a rocky terrain of San Diego’s eastern mountain range. Why here? San Diego is known to locals as a birthplace of freestyle motocross.

If you thought taking the powerful road vehicle to the track took guts, well, the stunts Anderson pulls off in the UTV are downright death-defying. One small miscalculation and the XP1K4 won’t be making the precision landing, let alone the pretty one.

If you are in the market, RJ Anderson’s unit is slightly more modified than a factory XP1K4, though its regular specifications shouldn’t disappoint anyone and looking for some profanely quick, unpaved fun. Watch all five minutes of the UTV proving its prowess in this video.

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