You’ll Struggle To Unclench After Watching This Biker’s 100mph Save At The ‘Ring

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There are impressive Nurburgring crash saves involving some brave moves behind the ...

There are impressive Nurburgring crash saves involving some brave moves behind the wheel, and then there is this movie stunt-like BMW S1000RR save one biker managed to pull on Saturday.

The BMW S1000RR rider, who goes by the YouTube name of David Monaghan, reminded us once again just how extreme a mixed car-bike Nordschleife session can get.

Upon exiting the Mini Carousel at the 7:30 point of this video, the biker set his sights on a Porsche Cayman.

Nevertheless, just as the mid-engined machine passed a SEAT Leon, the driver of the hatch veered into the biker in what seems to be a mirror double-check failure.

The Leon hit the motorcycle at around 100 mph, with the impact sending the BMW S1000RR towards the barrier on the side of the track. As if pulling a well-planned move on a dirt bike, this rider somehow managed to bounce off the guardrail.

In the ordeal that was a balancing act required on the biker’s side, the BMW ended up nearly clipping the protection element on the other side of the track, but David Monaghan wouldn’t let his machine fall, returning to the track swiftly.

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