Was Yugo Really One Of The Worst Cars In Human History?

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Ah, the good old Yugo brings back some fun memories. You might think that Prius ...

Ah, the good old Yugo brings back some fun memories. You might think that Prius gets a ton of bad reputation these days, but compared to what this tiny hatchback had to go through on daily basis, it seems like a mild criticism. So, was Yugo really all that terrible?

Manufactured to be the cheapest new car on the market, cost savings certainly played a huge role here. From a tiny, seriously underpowered engine to the abysmal transmission and incredibly bland plastic interior, there aren’t a lot of positive sides to this ride. When it comes to reliability, the situation doesn’t get much better either. Because it broke down a lot, and parts weren’t so easy to come by, people quickly started to hate Yugo with a passion. At least it wasn’t horrible when it comes to design, so there’s that.

Still, for a 30+-year-old car, it holds value quite well to this day. Perhaps it wasn’t the most mechanically sound machine ever, but it just keeps going forward. At the end of the day, what more can you expect from such a cheap automobile?

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