Zonda Crashed In Uruguay And Pagani Called The Owner

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Recording supercars and hypercars become a full-time job for some. Many of them, ...

Recording supercars and hypercars become a full-time job for some. Many of them, especially from London and other wealthy places made a fortune thanks to it.

Now, however, we can see that things can go downward fast with it. This man filming Pagani Zonda in Uruguay did not pay attention when driving so he crashed into a very car he was filming. Imagine that.

Now, the official story isn’t like this. See, Zonda driver had to stop fast after someone in front of him stopped the car in a second.

Now, lorry drives simply did not have enough time or space to stop its vehicle as well. Maybe he was mesmerized by the Zonda. Interestingly, Pagani Automobili owner – Horatio Pagani called the driver when he found out about the accident.

We are sure, the car will be on the road in a few weeks – or as fast as Pagani produce and send Jorge Gómez – who owns the car – replacement parts.

This is not the first time to see Zonda crashed or damaged in traffic. After all, it’s a freaking supercar and everyone loses their mind when meeting it in person. Awesome.

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